Commonly Asked Questions by Homeowners of Autumn Chase
What are my assessment payment options for my association fees?
Please see options on this form.
I'd like to pay for my HOA fees through direct withdrawl from my bank account.  How do I do that?
Print out this form and return to FirstService Residential.
How do I view my account history for my HOA fees?
Visit the website to login to FirstService Residential. If you do not have a login click "Sign up Now" below the login button.
How do I access the FirstService Residential website?
Visit the website.
How do I obtain resell documents when I sell my house?
Contact FirstService Residential to obtain the HOA documents.
Can I get Verizon FIOS in Autumn Chase?
Yes, Autumn Chase is fully functional for Verizon FIOS.
A streetlight is out.  Who do I contact to have it fixed?
Contact Dominion Virginia Power at 866-366-4357. Please make sure to have the address nearest the light available, along with the number on the light pole.
What do I do if I have an issue with a neighbor’s pet?
Check "What's the best way to stop your neighbor's barking dog" for some suggestion.
What are the waste disposal options outside regular trash and recycle pickup?
What can I recycle during the regular curbside pickup?
Check out the FAQ on our trash company American Disposal's website.
What is the trash pick up schedule?
Collection of general / household waste ("trash") from SF* units. 1x per week;  Monday
Collection of general / household waste ("trash") from TH* units. 1x per week;  Monday
Collection of recyclables. 1x per week;  Monday
Collection of yard waste. 1x per week. SF* Wed TH* Mon
Collection of non-metal bulk waste. 1x per week;  Monday
Collection of Christmas trees. Seasonal service
Collection of non-metal bulk waste / appliances /white goods. By appointment**

* SF = Single family; TH = Townhome

** Scheduled by homeowner/resident and charged to homeowner/resident at time of scheduling pickup appointment


How do I schedule a special trash pickup?

The easiest way to request a special pickup from American Disposal is using their website or by calling 703-368-0500.


Is there a schedule for trash pickup during the holidays?

Please check the American Disposal website for the schedule.